Cabbage salad

This last weekend was planned around the rugby. I really enjoy watching rugby, and often give my two cents worth of what the players should do and how they should play (like most supporters do). Saturday evening was spent watching rugby (South Africa vs England) with friends at their home. I got as far as watching the first five minutes of the game but, found my nose leading me towards the kitchen and all the cooking outdoors.
A pork roast was on the spit; tomato, basil and mozzarella open French loaves were melting over hot coals; a beer chicken was sizzling on the Webber, tomato rice was boiling on the stove and cabbage salad was being assembled together. Not to mention the cocktails being regularly knocked up. It’s no wonder I couldn’t pay much attention to anything else! For me, everything that evening revolved around the food and drinks we had.
I spent a great deal of the evening standing near the cooks and asking them what they were doing; one of which (Lara Lombard) shared her Cabbage Salad recipe. I had tasted this salad the weekend before and could not get enough of it. There was nothing leftover that initial evening; so I was very happy to see it on the menu again. It’s crunchy, fresh, healthy and has delicious subtle flavours. When I first tasted it, I was surprised by it. It looked like just another cabbage salad but, when I took my first bite each component worked together. It is great to serve alongside other dishes. If you enjoy your salads like I do, this one is a keeper.
2 Baby cabbages (1 red and 1 green)
1 Packet Spring onions
150 g Sunflower seeds
100 g Slithered almonds
1 Packet 2 Minute noodles (do not use the packet of seasoning)
150 ml Sunflower oil
1 Cube Chicken stock
62 ml White vinegar
62 ml Sugar
50 ml Soya sauce
 Slice the red and green cabbage and spring onions in a mixing bowl.
Break the noodles up and spread them on a baking tray along with the seeds and almonds. Grill until crispy golden brown; be sure to keep a close eye on this as it can burn quickly.
Mix the grilled golden brown noodles, seeds and almonds with the sliced cabbage and spring onion in a serving bowl. Just before serving (about 5 minutes before) pour the dressing over the salad.
To make the dressing, mix together the sunflower oil, chicken stock, white vinegar, sugar and Soya sauce. 
Serves 6 – 8