Easy Apple Crumble


Do you crumble under pressure?
There seems to be a new trend happening at home; Sundays are becoming my ‘bake/food testing’ days. I think it’s because it’s a relaxing day, where I’m generally free to do what I choose to do, and more importantly, do it at my own pace.
I started cooking at a young age and often used to cook supper to help my parents out after their long day at work. I soon managed to master the art of quick dinners and turned out delicious meals in a short space of time. When it came to me attending Home Economic classes in high school, all my common sense and ‘training at home’ went out the window, and I always made silly mistakes. With the time constraints and pressure, I crumbled even though I knew how to make these exact meals at home (really well, might I add).
Another example of me crumbling under pressure is when I bake with little time on my hands. I not only forget to add ingredients, but I also don’t follow through processes properly. I end up getting into a foul mood when things aren’t going right, and my time to fix or redo something is cut down even more. Nobody likes a grumpy grouch in a hot kitchen, so now I try and avoid baking under pressure, especially if I am not familiar with the recipe.
I’m often asked why I haven’t entered Masterchef SA and I think it’s partly to do with my ability to really mess up a meal/baking experiment under pressure. One day I do plan on entering, but until then I think I’ll stick to ‘fun’ competitions that won’t make me cry or grumpy under pressure. One competition that has launched and I feel is ideal for avid bakers (and doesn’t involve being put under pressure) is Bake Golden Smiles with Golden Cloud. If you enjoy baking as much as I do, you should give it a bash!
Being a home cook (and even a professional), you are going to have moments in the kitchen when things don’t go well. It’s a part of experimenting and perfecting dishes. So I hope if ever you decide to bake under pressure, you take on an easy recipe like this apple crumble. One thing’s for sure with this recipe; you will not crumble under pressure and it is super-duper easy and quick!      
1 Packet or 7 Green Apples (Granny Smith/ sweet apples)
1 ½ Cup Cake flour
1 ½ Cup Brown Sugar
100g Butter, soft
1 Teaspoon cinnamon
½ Teaspoon Nutmeg
1 Cup water
1. Peel, decore and roughly chop apples.
2. Place apple pieces into a pot with water, cinnamon and nutmeg. Boil for 10 minutes or until soft.
3. Mix flour, sugar and soft butter together to make crumbs. Please note: do not melt the butter.
4. Once apple pieces are soft, drain the water out. Roughly mash the apples, leaving some chunky pieces.
5. Place apples in an oven proof dish, and then scatter crumble mixture over the apples (about an inch deep).
6. Bake in preheated oven (180 degrees), for 25 minutes or until golden brown and crispy.