Beef Stroganoff


There are certain meals that are simply just classics. They never ever in a million billion gazillion years or more will die or fade away. These classics are pretty perfect left as they are and always deliver on taste.

Beef stroganoff is one of those family classics. It is a Russian dish and can be quite rich and heavy. Although it is a popular dish in my household, it isn’t a typical everyday type of meal we would have during the work week.

Our family like to have quick functional and slightly healthier meals during the week, while the weekend we let loose and choose meals that either take longer to make or are slightly unhealthy. Having beef stroganoff more than once a week could be heavy going, so I recommend you try this for your lavish meal of the month or instead of a Sunday roast.

In my opinion, although I’ve seen Beef Stroganoff shared in countless magazines and websites, it is always good to have it in your family meal repertoire, and it’s rather simple to make.  It’s best served with mash and peas.
1kg Rump steak
1 Packet Streaky bacon
1 – 2 Tbs Unsalted Butter
2 Medium Onions, sliced
1 Punnet Brown Mushrooms
250ml Tub Sour cream
  • Slice the rump across the grain.
  • Place meat strips on a plate and sprinkle salt and pepper over, set aside.
  • Cut the bacon either in half or into threes. Melt some butter in the pan and fry the bacon pieces in a large frying pan. Once cooked, set aside.
  • Slice the brown mushrooms, and fry in the same pan you fried the bacon in. Once cooked through set aside.
  • Slice the onions and on a medium to high heat, using the same large frying pan, melt the remainder of butter and fry the sliced onions until translucent (until they look ‘glassy’).
  • Once the onions have reached this stage, place the meat strips in the frying pan as well. Leave the strips frying on the one side for a minute to “brown” the steak before mixing it around.
  • Once the beef strips have browned on the one side, turn it around to transfer some heat to the other side. You don’t need to brown both sides, so just ensure the meat is cooked.
  • Lower the heat and add the sour cream and mix through.  
  • Add all ingredients (bacon and mushroom) back in the frying pan and mix thoroughly.
  • Best served with mash – add some chopped up crispy bacon or spring onions to the mash for an extra kick.
  • If the dish is looking grey, and not a creamy  brown colour, it could be because you did not allow the steak to brown. Use some ‘browning’ that can be bought from a local super market; but use sparingly! However, this is not necessary.
  • Use unsalted butter as this is known not to burn.