Dads Cook Too: Don’s Rock Cod

Don and his Rock Cod
If Don was ever left on a deserted island, he would be able to catch his own food and cook it. I’ve always admired how Don, and his brother Rod, often go out fishing and return back with some winning pieces of fish. This Rock Cod is just another example of his fisherman skills; something I probably will never master.

Shane’s Dad, Don, doesn’t cook often but when he does it often is a pleasant meal. There is one way you can get him in the kitchen excitedly cooking and busy at the stove, and that is when there is seafood to be cooked. From the beginning of my relationship with Shane, his Dad has always been renowned for cooking seafood to perfection.
This day was no different, when we indulged in a seafood feast with pink prawns in a homemade pink sauce and a stuffed whole rock cod. The Rock cod was perfectly cooked over a coal braai; you could literally use a fork to pull the fish meat off the bone. Everyone at the table kept going back for more, and in my mind that is definitely a sign of a good meal!
If your Dad is a seafood lover, like Don, he will definitely appreciate a fresh whole piece of fish perfectly cooked over a braai. This recipe is perfect, and very little will go wrong.      

Don’s Rock Cod


1 Whole Rod Cod, gutted, scaled and cleaned
3 Medium tomatoes
2 Medium onions
2 tsp Garlic, crushed (or more if you enjoy garlic)
2 Oranges, sliced
Salt and Pepper to taste


·        Make small diagonal incisions on the side of the fish to make a ‘flap’. Place the fish on the tinfoil (shiny side facing in).
·        Chop two tomatoes and one onion; mix them together in a bowl with half of the crushed garlic.
·        Slice the oranges and remaining onion and tomato. Cut the slices in half.
·        Stuff the middle with the tomato, onion and garlic mixture.
·        In each incision made, place half slices of an orange, tomato and onion and a bit of the crushed garlic on each side of the fish.
·        Wrap the fish in tinfoil, and braai over a constant medium to low heat for 30 minutes.