Cuppa for CAN/SA Event


This Saturday I attended a Cuppa for CAN/SA event hosted by Madame Macaron held at Hashtag restaurant in Windermere. Having lost my Mom to lung cancer and had my Gran fight breast cancer and survive; being a part of this was important to me.

I joined a group of Durban bloggers at this event and not only enjoyed their fun company, I also was taken by how well the event was put together. Although the space was a bit confined for the supporters of this lovely event, I have to give props to Viveshni (Madame Macaron) for putting it all together.
As you can see from the pictures, the snacks were beautifully presented and I might add they were absolutely delicious! From the sweets side there were lovely macaroons, cake, cakepops, coconut sweets, marshmallows, jelly sweets, and tiny bite-size cupcakes (which are dangerous as one cupcake becomes a couple). From the savoury side, there were beautiful pastries and tarts. I tried out a tomato, basil pesto and feta French loaf slice, a spinach phyllo triangle wrap, a beautiful tart of butternut, pumpkin seeds, feta and basil pesto, there were also chicken kebabs, and a beautifully puffed pastry with sweet chilli chicken. Everything was presented perfectly; it gave me faith that there are hosts out there that give a toot about what they serve their guests.
This event was not only about good company and yummy bites. The reason we were all brought together was for raising awareness and funds for CAN/SA. With Cancer so prominent in my family, it’s important I keep on top of this. One of their representatives gave us a talk, which was really educational; she shared how to test ourselves for breast cancer and for watching out for the signs of breast cancer.
Before October is over, and preferably once a month thereafter, I urge women to go to a clinic, test themselves or go to their trusted doctor for their check-ups! If you detect cancer early, there is more chance for survival. So just do it, no matter how inconvenient it may be at the time.