Dinner in the Dark: Sweet Chilli Chicken Kebabs



This dish was literally done in the dark… As I started prepping the kebabs load-shedding hit. So you can be rest assured this has been tried and tested by yours truly. Luckily Shane propped up a spotlight torch for me, to ensure my fingers stayed intact as I chopped the ingredients up.


As mentioned before these Dinner in the Dark dishes are to help make sure you are not spending more than what your monthly budget requires and are able to make with no electricity. Chicken is the most affordable meat to buy and making kebabs with peppers and onions help spread the meat a lot further.


So here’s to dining and whining (yes, I know we all swear silently or loudly as the lights go out and you’re in the middle of something) in the dark.



What you will need to cook: Braai (charcoal)/Webber (charcoal)/ Gas braai
Serves 3 – 4 People


500g Chicken breast, deboned and skinless
½ Red pepper
½ Green pepper
½ Onion
Salt & Pepper
¼ Cup Oil
2 Cups Coke-a-Cola
Kebab Sticks
Sweet Chilli Sauce



  1. Cut the chicken breasts, red and green peppers and onion into rough chunky cubes.
  2. Skewer the ingredients onto the kebab stick alternating between pepper, onion and chicken.
  3. Place in a dish, sprinkle over the oil on the chicken pieces; rub into the chicken pieces.
  4. Pour the Coke-a-cola over the chicken pieces and allow to sit for 30 minutes.
  5. In the meantime, start the fire.
  6. Braai/Barbeque over medium to low heat coals, allow the chicken to brown (not burn) and turn to ensure the chicken pieces.
  7. Once chicken pieces are cooked through, blob over sweet chilli sauce to finish it off.

Note: Serve with potato salad and a simple green salad.