Product Review: The Oyster Box Bread Mix




I’ve only attempted making homemade bread twice in my life; the first time I was under someone’s supervision, and the second attempt didn’t go as well as planned… So I was rather interested to see how this mixture was going to end up.


First things first, the bread mixture given had a recipe attached which made my life a whole lot easier. They were super easy instructions and all that was needed from me, was a can of beer and strong arms to mix the dry and wet ingredients together.


I loved the fact that I didn’t have to knead the dough mixture or wait for 2 hours for it to prove. All that was required was to mix it all together and bang it in a bread tin. I followed the tip and brushed melted butter over the dough mixture before popping it into the oven.


The result was a rustic looking bread, with a crunchy crust on the top, a thick doughy centre and the bottom crust was a bit chewy. It’s very filling and hearty; not ideal for light eating or trying to make a garlic type bread. I would definitely recommend you make this bread with a potjie or a winter stew, as the centre reminded me somewhat of dumplings. It would be great for soaking up juices! The taste was pleasant, and really opened me up to the combination of beer and rosemary in cooking… They actually work well together.


The Oyster Box Bread Mix is foolproof; the bread didn’t flop and the instructions couldn’t be any easier. So overall it’s a great product to use, but you need to consider what you eat the bread with; don’t make my mistake and try make a pull apart garlic and cheese bread… It wasn’t the right bread for that… but definitely a great bread for the purpose of dipping in and soaking up.


Have fun baking!