Chicken mayo, bacon & avo open sandwich




Three words; easy, light and delicious!


That’s how I describe this week’s chicken mayo, bacon and avo open sandwich. It sounds too simple to even share, but perhaps it might inspire you when you’re not that hungry or want something quick to put together.


Although summer is great for braais (barbeques), sometimes a light (and filling) meal is all it takes to finish off your day. Foodies with an appetite, similar to a bear’s or caveman, might look at it and call this dish a ‘snack’, but don’t let the simplicity of the dish fool you. It’s pretty darn filling! For me, the ultimate greedy goose, to admit that; should speak for itself!




The chicken mayo and bacon can be all made the day before, ready to be assembled the next evening. This especially works well if you know you have a tight schedule or are expecting load-shedding.


Here’s the life-changing open sandwich recipe…




500g Chicken Breast, cooked
1 Packet Streaky Bacon, cooked
2 Tbs Mayonnaise
½ Onion, chopped
1 Avocado, sliced
1 Large tomato, sliced
Portuguese Rolls (for healthy twist, use low GI bread)
Knorr Honey mustard salad dressing
Lettuce, shredded
Salt & Pepper



  • Dice the cooked chicken, allow to cool (if it is straight out the oven).
  • Add the mayo to the chicken, along with the onion, and salt and pepper. Mix well.
  • Heat the Portuguese rolls in the oven at 70® for 5 minutes. Take out the oven and slice open. Spread your marge.
  • Stack ingredients as follows:
    • Lettuce, tomatoes, chicken mayo, bacon, avocado slices.
  • Lightly drizzle over the honey mustard dressing.