Review: Madame Macaron Classes



With it being World baking day, I could not have shared my review of the Madame Macaron class on a better day!


My baking and cooking is pretty rustic looking; not by choice, it just happens that way. I won’t even mention how the kitchen looks during my cooking/baking. In my mind, the perfect French meringue base confection, other known as macaron’s, have always been daunting for me. Well, because they are not only so pretty and dainty looking, but they are pretty complicated to make. I just know my version would either end up looking messy and child-like, and most likely a huge flop.


Madame Macaron, the Queen of macaron, cupcake and cake making and baking, told me to look out for her new class’s months ago. Since then, I have been eagerly awaiting for them to launch. As discussed a few weeks ago, I have been stalking Madame Macaron for over a year to feature on Stuffed Feeling; hoping she could shed some light on baking and give her practical tips.


The thing that has always drawn me to Viveshni, is that her baking is not only great, but it’s all from trial and error at home; in other words, she’s not had any formal training. It’s just a mixture of baking talent, blended with a lot of patience and, time and money spent getting this good. “Originally I worked at a bank in the collections department, which for a creative person like me was incredibly unfulfilling. I left the bank after having my twin daughters and this gave me the time to flex my creative muscles and baking gave me the outlet for this energy. I initially dabbled in birthday cakes for the family as a fun past time. After watching the contestants on Masterchef Australia duke it out with the macaron challenge, I took it on as a personal quest to create the perfect macaron,” says Viveshni.


When I finally received my invite; I immediately reserved my seat for the launch. I had to know what her baking secrets are; and was also interested to see if macaron making was really as daunting as I’d thought it to be. I can safely say though; macaron making was daunting. I’m not so ‘scared’ to attempt this on my own after attending the class. Viveshni, slowly and concisely went through the processes, step-by-step from the ingredients used, the techniques used, to the piping and actual baking. Making sure not to leave anyone in the lurch, she made examples of what was right and wrong, what to do and what not to do; and even gave her personal advice in each step. She had us par-take in piping; of which I was the first guinea pig and my ‘technique’ was all wrong, but Viveshni was quick to stop and correct me so my second attempt was ‘improved’. While correcting me, she also informed the group watching me (yes, no pressure) what she was correcting on, to ensure they knew for their turn.




Had I just followed a recipe without this class, I can guarantee I would have made a huge flop of macarons, and it would have put me off trying to make them ever again. I get grouchy when I mess up at baking, not only is it the error I’m annoyed with, but also the amount of money I’m literally throwing down the sink. Macaron making is expensive; yes that’s why they are pretty pricey. This class, however, was seriously informative and practical; that beginner bakers to the more intermediate ones would both benefit.


It’s not all pens and note book kind of class; at the end of the demonstration, we were sent back to our stations to decorate and pipe icing on the macaron shells already made for us. Okay, even though Viveshni had shown us how to do this, I still managed to do the opposite and break my first macaron. It didn’t matter though, I had Viveshni running to get me a new one to attempt it again. You’ll be glad to know that I didn’t manage to do that mistake again, but Viveshni had plenty shells in case it did.

The Dirty Fork Studio
The Dirty Fork Studio


These classes are there for you to make mistakes; you are there to learn after all! My advice for anyone attending a Madame Macaron class will be to be as interactive with Viveshni in these classes and don’t be scared to make mistakes, promise Viveshni is not scary at all. Personally, by having messed up in this class and with the questions asked, I feel I have walked away with so much more than expected. “When planning the classes one of the key points was that it had to be a class that didn’t feel like a class. So learning while having fun and taking processes that seem overly complicated and making them more doable for the everyday baker,” says Viveshni.


If you’re wanting to make macarons, cupcakes or even learn the art of baking a cake; below are some info on the types of classes and dates for the next classes.


Type of class and prices:

The Full Macaron Class R580 – incl. hands on macarons class, silicone macaron mat, Ateco piping nozzle, branded apron and notebook, and 12 macarons to bake, decorate and take home, tea/coffee, cupcakes and cake, a demonstration on packaging your macarons as gifts and fun giveaways.


The Macaron Demo Class R420 – incl. interactive demo, silicone mat, Ateco piping nozzle, branded notebook, 12 macarons to fill, decorate and take home, tea/coffee, cupcakes and cake, and fun giveaways.


The Follow-Up Macaron Class R150 – This class is for those that have attended The Full Macaron Class and The Demo Class and want to troubleshoot their macaron making and perfect their shells using their own ingredients.


Bake Your Cake & Eat It R520 – Learn to bake a cake from scratch and as well as make a delicious buttercream to ice it with. The class includes a branded apron and notebook, Ateco piping nozzle, tea/coffee, sweet treats and fun giveaways.


Decorate Your Cake & Eat It R350 – Bring along your own un-iced cake and learn different piping techniques to ice it. The class includes a branded notebook, piping nozzle set, tea/coffee, sweet treats and fun giveaways.


Beginners Cupcake Class R360 – Make 12 cupcakes from scratch and learn how to pipe on buttercream using different techniques and nozzles. The class includes a branded notebook, piping nozzle set, tea/coffee, sweet treats and fun giveaways.




6 June 2015
9-12pm The Full Macaron Class
2-5pm The Follow-Up Class


13 June 2015
9-12pm Me & My Dad Cupcake Class (R720 for Dad & Kid)
2-5pm The Macaron Demo Class


27 June 2015
9-12pm Kids Macaron Demo Class ( 8-14 years old )
2-5pm Bake Your Cake & Eat It


18 July 2015
9-12pm The Full Macaron Class – French Themed
2-5pm Decorate Your Cake & Eat It


25 July 2015
9-12pm The Demo Macaron Class
2-5pm Beginners Cupcake Class


1 August 2015
9-12pm Women’s Day Macaron Class
2-5pm Women’s Day Cupcake Class


22 August 2015
9-12pm The Macaron Demo Class
2-5pm Bake Your Cake & Eat It


5 September 2015
9-12pm The Full Macaron Class – Blooming Macarons
2-5pm Decorate Your Cake & Eat It – Spring Themed


19 September 2015
9-12pm The Full Macaron Class – Heritage Day Themed
2-5pm Heritage Day Cupcake Class


3 October 2015
10am – 1:30pm The Demo Macaron Class & Cuppa For Cansa


24 October 2015
9-12pm The Full Macaron Class – Halloween Themed
2-5pm Halloween Cupcake Class