Classic Chicken a la King


I’ve said this once and I will say it again; there are certain meals that are just classics. This recipe is one of those; it’s warming, homely and perfect as it is. There is no need for frills and trills.


This delightful classic recipe is curtesy of Jess, again. Well, what can I say, I have friends that can cook, and the meals Jess dishes me up are never ever disappointing. I can’t say much for my experiments I send to her for tastings. As always she is so polite about whatever I send, even burnt pecan nut pie. Don’t ask me how that even made its way out the door…


Jess was catering for a few of us when she served up her Chicken a la King. All I know is she was stressing over hosting and worried we wouldn’t like the meal. I have often had the same sentiments, even when I cook for Shane and myself, I won’t even mention how I get when I am expecting people who have heard about my cooking but never had any of it. It’s like the pressure is on.


Before you panic I have some advice for when you host friends and family over the weekend, the next month or for a special occasion. Stick to what you know. Yes, that’s the advice if you are wondering; short, sweet and straight to the point! Sticking to what you know is the secret to a stress free dining experience… well so I believe… It not only will be a dish you will be confident in making, you don’t have to stress about the turn out and although it might be a safe option for you, your guests won’t think so. In fact, your guests will be delighted by it!


So there you have it; golden advice to go with a golden classic dish. Trust me, just like Chicken a la king has gone through the ages (no, I am not watching Days of our Lives)… so has this key bit of advice.



5 Large chicken breasts, skinless & boneless
½ Green pepper, chopped
1 Punnet Button mushrooms, sliced
3 (heaped) Dessert spoons Flour
2 Dessert spoons margarine
300ml – 350ml Milk for white sauce
250g Cream
Salt to taste



1. Boil the chicken until cooked (add about a 3/4 teaspoon of salt).
2. Once the chicken is cooked, set the pieces aside, and pour out the water. Set the pot aside and re-use the same pot to make the white sauce so it adds a bit of the chicken flavour.
3. Once the chicken is cooled, cut the chicken pieces into cubes. Set aside.
4. In a separate small pot, heat some oil up and fry the mushrooms in some butter on a medium to high heat until soft. Season and set aside once cooked.
5. In the used pot, melt the rest of the margarine on a low heat, add the flour and stir into a roux.
6. Slowly add your milk and keep whisking slowly. Increase your heat slightly to thicken. Once you have your desired thickness then add the cream.
7. Add a bit more salt to the white sauce after adding the cream – taste before to see if you need.
8. Allow to simmer; while it is simmering, add your chicken, mushrooms and green pepper to mix it together (no need to drain the extra marge from the mushrooms as it also adds to the flavour).

Serve on yellow rice