Review: Clean Cut Ceramic knives


Knives are one of the most important tools in the kitchen. It’s so common for home cooks to just make do with whatever knives we can lay our hands on; the cheaper and more affordable the better. At first they work, and as time goes by we slowly adjust to the bluntness and work around the ailments they develop like that slight kink at the tip, or the curved bent shape it creates when we apply pressure to slice. I’m guilty of this… and no matter how well you sharpen it, it soon goes blunt…


Shane couldn’t take the constant fighting between me, a blunt knife and chicken pieces. I know for certain he dreaded watching me trying to slice a butternut or gem squash. I think he was imagining my hand chopped off; and often interjected to ‘help’ me in the kitchen.


A couple of months ago, Shane insisted I use proper knives for chopping, slicing and trimming meat with. I’m one of those people that will insist on fighting with the blunt knives than spend money on something I already have. Shane on the other hand isn’t, and insisted I invest in proper knives to make my cooking easier. Although it is a bit more expensive than standard kitchen knives; we got the Clean Cut Ceramic Knives from Makro. Two words people: LIFE CHANGING! I don’t have to use a super grip and fear the knife slipping out of place and stabbing my arm or hands.


These knives are super-duper sharp; I now have to concentrate on where I leave my fingers when using these knives. They promise to stay sharp longer than normal knives and I am now going onto my 4th month without sharpening them; and they don’t need it either. They still have the potential to take off my fingertips with one distracted move…


I have tested these knives on everything; I seriously don’t know how I functioned with all the other blunt knives before. I can hold the paring knife like a pencil and with a few slices, the chicken skin is easily cut off. I no longer have to chase the piece of chicken around the kitchen counter. Cutting butternut is an absolute breeze; when I used to struggle with cutting thick chunks I now can slice big chunks and even super thin slices! I feel like a pro when slicing and dicing onions.


I know many families and home cooks who would benefit from having even one of these knives in their lives; I can’t express how it changes the prep time.


With a good knife comes some care instructions. On all Clean Cut Ceramic Knives there are instructions on what you can and can’t do with these knives to keep them in mint and super sharp condition. Number one care instruction is to make sure you only use these knives on a chopping board; don’t get hasty and do chopping on plates or table tops. I normally use the knife, wash it immediately after use, slip it back in its protective sleeve and put it away. They are easy to wash and take care of; so no excuses of it wearing out.


Home cooks, don’t be like me; don’t live in denial… You need at least one good go-to knife in your kitchen.