Review: The Gourmet Greek



A couple of months ago my Dad discovered this amazing double thick delicious Gourmet Greek yoghurt. Being in Merivale, I have always been jealous of the beautiful veggies, cheeses and now I can add something new to the list; The Gourmet Greek double thick yoghurt that is stocked at stores close to where he lives and works.


Soon after his discovery, I was invited to the Oyster Box Hotel’s KZN Food Heroes evening where Gourmet Greek featured and was awarded. I passed the opportunity to try the Gourmet Greek yoghurt as it was on a fresh oyster; yup I’m a bit of ninny when it comes to oysters. When the Gourmet Greek cheeses made their rounds I made sure to dig in! I mean who can pass up creamy camembert cheese?


For my birthday weekend, Dad surprised me with the yoghurt and an array of their cheeses. I was warned these delights weren’t cheap. I did expect that; it’s handcrafted and on a par of its own! We had a cheese board of Greek feta, seriously soft and slightly more salty than the average feta you’d buy; a mature Gouda cheese with cumin seeds something different in taste but certainly not unpleasant; mature pecorino, mature cheddar, and two soft creamy and might I add gorgeous cheeses coated in a rub, one had a thyme and lemon taste and the other was a spicier one. It was definitely a birthday breakfast like no other!


Now, the yoghurt… I can’t say I am generally a yoghurt fan; I mean I really have to be in the mood for yoghurt. BUT this yoghurt, this yoghurt is TOTALLY DELICIOUS! Firstly, it is so thick that you could turn it upside down with the lid off and know the yoghurt will not pour out; it’s that thick. This yoghurt doesn’t have a tangy after taste like most yoghurts have in my mouth. It reminds me a lot of sour cream with a yoghurt taste. I have used this yoghurt with so many things; it featured with my meat balls and yoghurt dip, and used to marinade the beef cubes in the curry recipe recently shared. It’s also just fantastic and wholesome with honey. This yoghurt is definitely worth the extra money. You are paying for extreme quality; and the label says it is made with love; and I’m sure I can taste it. That’s how special this yoghurt is!


If you live in the Pietermaritzburg areas and around Howick in KZN, this special yoghurt is easy to find, but for us city slickers, it’s not so easy to locate. You can find The Gourmet Greek on Facebook, and I think contacting them directly there is the best approach to finding out where you can get a tub of yoghurt or their cheeses near you.

Here’s to Greek goodness right here on my doorstep!