Review: Platinum Design 4 slice sandwich press



With the weather being colder, I can imagine offices and homes are over working their toasters! There’s no denying that toasties make a good snack for winter.


When I was in England last year December, I offered to make leftover turkey, cranberry and brie toasties (oh yes, it was as good as it sounds). Working with the old style sandwich toaster that dents your bread, I won’t lie I struggled to keep everything in one place. With the cheese melting down the side of this machine, and then struggling to get the bread out of the moulds it was toasted in and let’s not even mention how terrible I felt when my uncle offered to clean up after me. Such a simple dish was quite an ordeal to make, and all I kept saying is you have to upgrade to the flatbread maker toaster. Seeing as I made up that description I don’t think they quite knew what I was talking about…. Well guys, if you’re reading this… this is the dream machine I was talking about… The 4 slice sandwich press!


It is seriously a dream to work with. It’s easy to clean, non-stick and super-duper easy to manage! The best thing of all is you won’t have your cheese spilling over out of the machine. You don’t have to squeeze the press down, you simple lay it down on the bread; gone are the days of struggling to squeeze the top down to clip in and then have all the food burst out. This type of sandwich press is so ideal for quick not-so-fussy meals or ideal for an office lunch. It’s easy to cart around and I bet if a team of office folk chipped in to get one, it would be well worth it.

2 4 5

With it being non-stick it is ideal to use tools that won’t scratch your surface. Cleaning it is easy as well. Although it might not look like the press needs cleaning, you should always wipe it after using it, even if you planning to have one a couple of hours down the line. You don’t want to use abrasive clothes or sponges; the softer the better to avoid scratches. Looking after this machine helps with how long it will stay as brilliant as it is. We have had ours for a couple of years, and it still is as brilliant as it was when we first got it.

7 8

It’s time to move on from those denting toaster machines to this simple one. It is worth the price; trust me! We have had our years of working our machine and still have many more to go.