Easy Chinese Pork

Easy Chinese Pork


Who doesn’t love Chinese food? One of my favourite dishes to order is the sweet and sour Chinese pork. This easy Chinese pork recipe is the closest I can get to that tasty treat. My mouth salivates at the thought of crispy battered pork drenched in a sweet and sour sticky sauce. Although, I do salivate over most meals… Talking about salivating; have I ever shared one of my embarrassing food moments? Well, here I go divulging it…


I was still in primary school and usually had lunch boxes of gourmet food packed; because I wasn’t going to settle for a plain P & J sarmie. Oh hell no! My parents weren’t going to get it that easy. This one particular day I was given ‘tuck money’ (for all those that don’t know what tuck money is – it is money for buying food at school from what we called the Tuck Shop). I had a busy day and didn’t make it to the Tuck Shop, so went the whole day without eating.


At starving point, that same night my family and I went to a local pub and grub restaurant called The Keg & Anchor. Being a hungry lot, ordering our meals wasn’t a problem and never took long. The waiting for our meals was the difficult part; a minute for my empty stomach felt like I had to wait a whole day for my food to arrive.


Finally starters arrived. I was so excited; the smell of my garlicy stuffed mushroom was incredible. So mesmerised by the sight and smell of my food, I didn’t even notice the steam and the fact that everyone was watching me, warning me against the piping hot dish (even the waitress had her eyes on me). As I opened my mouth to devour the little bit on my fork, the build-up of saliva came gushing out of my mouth like a tap had been opened. Yes, I was that hungry! Although the moment was hellishly embarrassing; I was way too hungry to care. Only when the waitress came back to collect my clean plate did I feel slightly sheepishly.


From that day on, I think my family realised how important it was to ensure I wasn’t ever ‘starved’ during the day, especially before heading out to any public place for dinner! I still do have my moments when I salivate over incredible dishes; but you’ll be glad to know I’ve never had a waterfall-saliva experience again.


This dish is definitely worth salivating over and delightful for a spring dinner. This recipe works well with pre-cooked meat.



250g Pork fillet (or 2 chicken breasts), cut into strips or bite size
1 Cup Maizena
1 egg, beaten and seasoned with salt and pepper
2 – 3 Cups Oil

1 Green Pepper, finely sliced
225g Tin Pineapple pieces
1 onion, halved and sliced
½ tsp Crushed garlic

For the sauce:
Add the following all together:
25ml Tomato sauce
20ml brown vinegar
15ml sugar
5ml soy sauce
2ml maizena (cornflour)
15ml water
Pineapple juice from tin




1. Coat the pork fillet strips in the egg, then into the maizena. Set aside on a plate until all is coated.
2. Place a medium pot with oil on the stove, heat on a medium to high heat and fry the pork pieces.
3. Once the pork pieces are golden brown and crisp, place on a plate with paper roller towel to drain the excess oil.
4. Drain the pineapple juice into a bowl and keep the pineapple pieces aside. Mix all the sauce ingredients together with the pineapple juice.
5. In another new medium pot, add 2 Tablespoons oil, heat it up on a medium heat.
6. Fry the onions, pineapple pieces, garlic and green peppers until soft.
7. Add the sauce into the pot.
8. Add the pre-cooked pork pieces to the pot and allow the sauce to coat evenly over the meat and allow to simmer until the meat is heated through.

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