Willow Creek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


What makes a good olive oil? I’ve often stood in front of the countless types of olive oil in the supermarket and have had no idea where to even start, so most times I went for the cheapest or the best deal… I’ve noticed when looking at the cheap and cheerful ranges, the olive oils are mixed with some other oil; and then I get extremely confused as to what to pick and question if the mixed oils have any value…

I have now stopped going for the best lowest price. I now go for quality. Yes, quality does mean you’ll be paying a bit more, however the regular olive oil and extra virgin olive oil shouldn’t be used for heavy duty deep frying… It’s to drizzle over roasting veg, or a crisp salad, rub on your meat before cooking or very light frying…


Willow Creek is one of the quality olive oils out there. Not only do they boast being South Africa’s only olive oil producer to secure a foothold in the Top 100 list compiled by World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oils, but their oil is actually delicious!


Recently, Willow Creek sent me a sample of their intensely fruity flavoured extra virgin olive oil. A small bottle lasted me a week, well that’s purely because I have tried it with everything! When I saw I had the intense fruity flavour extra virgin olive oil, I didn’t know what to expect; would the oil have a citrus flavour? Would I be able to use it in my regular cooking? To my delight, the fruity flavour is not as intense as I had imagined, instead it was subtle. It offers just enough to give the dish you are adding it to some lift. There is definitely no funny after taste. The olive oil is smooth and tasty when using without heating.


This extra virgin olive oil has been tested on just about everything; from making a basic vinegerette, basil pesto, to plainly adding it to a salad, drizzled over roasting veg and roast potatoes. I even rubbed it on steak before sizzling over some coals. The flavour is not so intense when straight from the bottle, but once heat is applied the fruity flavour comes out just a little bit more – I guess that’s when it becomes more ‘intense’.


After testing this Extra Virgin Olive Oil on just about everything, I can see why it is on the Top 100 list. When you are next standing in front of the many olive oil selections, look for Willow Creek. You’ll be sure to get what you are paying for!

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