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J’Something is a seriously passionate foodie and his story into the food industry is fascinating. His journey shows that you truly can have the best of both worlds; having successfully transitioned from one totally different industry, the music world, into a new one in cooking. It’s a story that speaks volumes to me, as I struggled to ‘choose’ what talent and passion to follow after school…

Although J’Something has recently become prominent in the food industry, he will be the first to make sure you know he is not a chef. “You know looking back this is always a bit weird. I was just doing me. Cooking. Then I posted it online and boom! It all grew so fast and turned into this beautiful thing it has become. I never profess to be a chef, rather what I am is just a guy with a passion for making food; with some mistakes along the way, because that is the only way one learns. I’m still a ‘wannabe’ chef… my music inspired me to cook more often, and my fans turned it into what it is now. I love cooking. It relaxes me to the core,” shares J’Something.

His whirlwind success in the kitchen hasn’t stopped him from continuing with music. To J’Something it doesn’t matter what career path you choose or pursue, as long as passion drives you. “I’m a guy with passion. So if you want to be a chef or a singer or both, just do it with a lot of passion. Passion goes way beyond talent sometimes,” says J’Something.

You can only imagine the amount of career highlights J’Something has experienced musically, and now in the food industry. “Everything I do is success with food. I do it all for fun. So when I make anything that’s tasty I smile. But success wise has to be my first TV show ‘Somethings Cooking’… You can have a dream, but when it comes true, its magical!” shares J’Something.

J’Something not only cooks with passion, he also cooks by his mom’s wise words; “When cooking ADD LOVE people will taste that first.” If anything, I truly hope J’Something’s story has inspired you to live, work and cook with passion and love. When we are doing things we are passionate about, it no longer becomes a chore, mundane living or a job.

Find out more about J’Something in the quick question section. Be sure to also catch him at the Good Food and Wine Show 2015 in Durban, happening this weekend!

 Quick Questions:

  • What is your favourite family home cooked meal and who cooks it the best?

No doubt my mother’s prawns. Have tried to replicate … no luck yet …

  • What is your favourite meal to cook at home?

Pizza in my pizza oven …it’s so relaxing and rewarding

  • What inspires you in the kitchen and when creating dishes?

To make something that I will like … I cook for me to be honest … so it’s trying to replicate my mood/character onto a plate

  • What is your favourite kitchen appliance?

My SMEG stove

  • What is your motto in the kitchen?


  • Who is your chef hero?

My mother no doubt … no recipes just cooking with love and instinct.

  • Complete this sentence: I believe food is………….


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