Lappies Sticky Rib Braai Sauce


Each month Shane and I pick out a new meaty marinade/sauce to try out.


Don’t gasp. As much as I would love to be the guru of all things food, there are some things I just let products do for me. Much like I don’t go out of my way to make mayo, there are certain things I know brands out there make splendidly for all of us to use. Why not use them?


Have you ever walked down the aisle with all the sauces and marinades? There is so much to choose from; I found I defaulted to buying “well-known brands” in hopes for guaranteed flavour. Unfortunately, these big brands aren’t all they make themselves out to be (in my opinion that is). Disappointed by the flavour and also the amount of money these sauces cost nowadays, we decided to try different makes each month in hopes of finding something really tasty and worth our buck. When we purchased Lappies Sticky Rib braai sauce, it was a real “Let’s try this one out?” moment.


Let me just say, Lappies has become a favourite of ours. It’s ended up in our grocery shopping trolley for two months in a row now.  We don’t just use it for ribs… we coat chicken, steak and chops in this lovely marinade/sauce. The flavour really sinks in. When baking in the oven it does dry up, but the flavour does not go away. We sometimes add a little extra on the cooked meat, to ‘wet’ it a bit. With it over flames it really is the best; then again who can’t resist a good ole braai!


What I love most about this is it’s South African! It’s not well known and could easily get lost on the shelves of ‘so much choice’. I feel like we found a little gem, and it’s so easy to get it. If you are a meat eater, looking for quick flavour for your dinner; try this. It’s sooo good!

2 thoughts on “Lappies Sticky Rib Braai Sauce

  1. Baie dankie vir die mooi woorde. Probeer gerus ook ons chilli sous en sit vars knoffel by. Of ons braai sous met hot english mustard en vars knoffel saam met lekker rare steak

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