Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt: Red Velvet & Turkish Delight


It’s damn hot here in Durbs. Just standing in the kitchen makes me break out into a sweat lately. So I think this review is pretty fitting for the heat wave South Africa is experiencing, as well as a delightful treat for Valentine’s Day.

I was asked to review Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt recently, and I was intrigued as I have a fond memory of frozen yoghurt I used to indulge in every time I was dropped off at Musgrave Centre (this was way back in the day). It was a delight to find out that Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt is also at Musgrave Centre (as well as in other parts of South Africa).

With the love month upon us, it was fitting to try out some flirty flavours they had on offer. Each week the flavours on offer at Marcel’s are on rotation. The week I went to try it out, they were serving up their red velvet frozen yoghurt and the Turkish delight frozen yoghurt. I took my order to go and sat at the food court in Musgrave, staring out of the window, while I enjoyed every mouthful.


I squished my lid on, but it comes out like soft serve ice-cream.
I squished my lid on, but it comes out like soft serve ice-cream.

It’s pretty difficult to review these kinds of delights, because they really are meant just to be enjoyed and not over analysed. I must say from my experience with Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt, the service was great. Friendly ladies ready to take your order and there was no messing about! The other thing I liked about Marcel’s products is that there were already made tubs of frozen yoghurt ready to take home to enjoy with the family.

Now let’s get down to business. The real question is – were they good? My honest answer is, yes, they were! Firstly, I really thought the Turkish Delight was going to be sickly sweet, but it offered enough sweetness and balance to not make me squinch my face up. I found the taste of the red velvet one a bit more powerful than the Turkish delight. I found the taste of ‘yoghurt’ stronger in the red velvet than in the Turkish delight.

I just had mine plain, but at the counter you can add your own toppings to make the frozen yoghurt cups more playful. It’s a fun treat, and I will most definitely go back and try other flavours when I am close by.


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