Splashy Fen The REVIVAL

Every year, Shane and I try our best to make it to one of the best music festivals in South Africa. This year will be Shane’s big number 10, while I will be going for the third time. SPLASHY FEN “The Revival” is almost here!


Now let me explain something… I was never a very outdoorsy, lets camp out and rough it kind of person. I was one of those people that didn’t understand how Shane would love going to Splashy each year. I too enjoyed watching live bands and artists, but would often think ‘Who would enjoy camping, roughing it and the likes?’ I especially don’t like the idea of sharing my space with creepy crawlies or having to use public toilets. However, Shane slowly prepared me for Splashy; he took me ‘glamping’ on our holidays to start, with posh camping food, heaters, and camping with electricity. Slowly he started taking away all the luxuries; so the food was normal camping stuff and we slowly packed more of what we needed then what we wanted. By the time he had me prepared for Splashy Fen, Splashy Fen had already started catering for people like myself. The last three years I have experienced Splashy, there has been awesome food vendors, amazing music and the public mobile toilets have been kept pretty clean, and hot showers are also available. It seriously has come a long way from those days when these luxuries were non-existent. After my first experience I was ready to come back to the next one. The Splashy flame was ignited!


This year Splashy Fen is under new management with Impi Concept Events, who are bringing back all the elements we love about the Easter weekend music festival and much more. They really are upping the ante with some amazing international and local artists, like Xaviar Rudd, Mango Grove, Dan Patlansky and Good Luck. There will also be a tent catering for acoustic sounds,  an electro tent for those bopping types, while Sunday is set to introduce a few jazz line ups which is known as the Rainbow Rhythm Sunday.

 1 Xavier Rudd

1 Mango Groove

1 Good Luck

1 Dan Patlansky
This man knows how to ROCK! Can you tell I’m a big fan? All images have been provided by Splashy Fen

You can expect a huge array of food vendors from pulled pork buns from The Digs Kitchen, to cheeseburgers, footlongs, cheesegrillers and pregos from the IC Catering. There will be ribs and schnitzels from the Footlong Café. Breakfast will be sorted with Crepe Expectations who will be serving up scrumptious pancakes and Marley Coffee vendor will be serving up some hot brews. If you know me, you know I don’t like to go anywhere where the food is not good, and Splashy is certainly offering a lot of craft street food any foodie would appreciate.

Here is a list of some more of the other food vendors you can look forward to filling your bellies:

Panini Bistro

Chip Twister & Snow Ice

Abduls – will be serving all sorts

Stirfry Delights

Willy Waffles

Pizza Haven

Sweet delights

Conscious Café – serving vegetarian delights

Grandbay Spur – serving burgers, ribs and buffalo wings

The Chow den – Indian food

The Truth Café – will be serving spit roast dippers, burgers, bacon & egg


There is one thing I know for sure… okay maybe two: You will not go hungry and you will definitely be entertained! This year I think every avenue has been thought up; I mean there are fun and unique Splashy TeePee tents to try out, trail runs to go on and even yoga classes every morning. Take a look at the map for this year…

splash layout
Look at all the fun stuff set out for us. Image from Splashy Fen Facebook Page


Although Splashy is not everyone’s cup of tea, I do believe it’s an experience you have to at least try out once in your life. The entire experience this year is set out to re-ignite the Splashy Fen flame… not that the flame ever died within us! Hope to see you there, and keep a look out on my Twitter @MeganDeane and Instagram @Stuffed_Feeling as I experience Splashy Fen for another awesome year from the food, music to the general atmosphere.

If you want to find out more about Splashy Fen this year be sure to follow them on Instagram @Splashyfenfest and their Facebook page @splashyfen.

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