About Megan Deane

10 fun food facts about ‘Moi’… If anything just remember Fact #1!

1. Warning: Do not test this… I get seriously nasty if I am hungry; I mean it!
2. I don’t mind washing dishes, but really hate packing them away.
3. I burn my fingers and hands a lot in the kitchen; I forget I’m dealing with hot plates and elements.
4. I dance or do a little ‘jiggy-wig’ when dinner is almost ready.
5. I’m dangerous with knives; I haven’t chopped off any limbs yet. Shooweee, but I’ve come close.
6. I struggle cracking eggs and keeping the yolk whole. Damn delicate stuff!
7. I only started baking in my late twenties; I’ve been eating baked goods my whole life though.
8. Don’t try hold a conversation with me if I am eating or looking at pretty food pictures.
9. I eat more than the normal human being but not as much as my Dad.
10. When I’m not familiar with a recipe, I tend to use every pot, plate, knife and fork in the kitchen.